My name is Jasmien. Hopeless Nostalgic and lover of all things vintage.


Designing has always been her creative outlet, her escape. And what better escape is there than our own childhood? Being drawn to the past, taking inspiration from the nineties and nullies she presents her first collection “NOSTALGIA”

Playful, yet edgy… And a little lost innocence / Playful, yet edgy! Innocent yet sexy… Furbilicous!

For the rock ’n roll baby doll
For the wild child
The furbie girl in a barbie world

Get carried away to those rebellious teenage dirtbag years…
First playground love, tamagotchi, furbies,…gadgets
The land of toys and game boys…

Who doesn’t want to live here?

Starring kids on the block: Sima, Parel and Ninalotte